NGVA Europe

monday, 9. November 2015

Scientists increase capacity of NGV fuel tanks

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monday, 9. November 2015

Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europe

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NGVA Global

friday, 14. September 2018

First Scania LNG Trucks for Argentina

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friday, 14. September 2018

Germany Reaches 50 H2 Filling Stations

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gasissimo-logo (kopie)


Initiative of Czech NGV Association within Intelligent Energy Europe - call for proposals 2013
Priority 10.3 STEER: Energy in transport / 10.3.2 STEER – Clean and energy-efficient vehicles

GASISSIMO initiative is focusing on promotion of self-sufficient vehicle fleets within suitable target groups (SME’s, municipal services, logistics, etc.) by utilization of innovative approach in CNG/LNG such as small-scale technologies for re-fuelling, LNG mobile units and biomethane and it is considered to be follow-up project to TEN-T  initiative “LNG Masterplan for Danube-Main-Rhine”

Contact person: Jan Jareš, e-mail:, tel. +420602563348
Download project description (MS Word, version 18.3. 2013)


Main premise

  1. Natural gas will succeed and be accepted as vehicle fuel since the moment it will be seen in public on every day basis. Since then users will find out by themselves that it is not only environmental friendly fuel but also cost saving and effective measure.
  2. No one will purchase NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) without simple access and easy to use re-fuelling station
  3. Responsible municipality is not developing theories but it has to become a leader with real best practice and includes CNG/LNG technologies into logical frame of its services.

Work packages (under preparation)

  • WP1: Project Management (Asociace NGV, CZ)
  • WP2: Self-sufficient CNG fleets – basis for development of CNG in the region
  • WP3: Municipal CNG centres – cities using their potential
  • WP4: Application strategy for LNG – new dimension of transport fueled by NG
  • WP5: LNG mobile re-fuelling units – acceleration of infrastructure development
  • WP6: bioLNG – upgraded liquified biogas for local consumption
  • WP7: Communication activities 
  • WP8: IEE common dissemination activities


4/2014 – 3/2017


to be specified