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monday, 9. November 2015

Scientists increase capacity of NGV fuel tanks

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monday, 9. November 2015

Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europe

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friday, 14. September 2018

First Scania LNG Trucks for Argentina

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friday, 14. September 2018

Germany Reaches 50 H2 Filling Stations

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Brussels Motor Show 2014 a big success for gas-powered mobility: More than 150 NGVs ordered


friday, 31. January 2014

200 X 18207 1 cutDuring the event in Brussels that lasted nearly two weeks on a surface of 600m2, consumers, businesses and local authorities were able to discover numerous NGV models, which revealed the economic and ecological advantages offered by natural gas mobility.

The reduction of €2,000 per car granted by the gas sector combined with manufacturers' promotional incentives proved to be a great success. According to an initial evaluation provided by car manufacturers, over 150 natural gas vehicles had been ordered by the close of the Show.

This result is particularly promising in the light of the 190 vehicles registered over the whole of 2013 and when also taking into account that the price reduction will continue to be available until the end of February 2014.

From 16 to 26 January, the natural gas fuel stands offered no fewer than eight consumer and utility vehicle models designed for natural gas propulsion. Fiat, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel, Lancia and Seat all presented their latest models. Moreover, the presentation of the new Audi A3 chassis allowed enthusiasts to understand the technological innovations provided by natural gas fuel.

Special enthusiasm was aroused by the €2,000 reduction granted for any NGV ordered between 15 December 2013 and 28 February 2014 that was supplemented by the promotional incentives offered by car manufacturers. Several automakers like Daimler give another 2.000 EUR bonus on top of the 2.000 EUR granted by the gas industry. In the case of Fiat for instance, the bonus can even amount to €6.000 in total.

350 IMG 0620 350 IMG 0622

Leon 1.4 TGI engineered to run on CNG

Fiat Panda Natural Power (bi-fuel)

More and more consumers, businesses and local authorities are interested in natural gas as a fuel, which is asserting itself not as a utopian alternative but an existing solution that can be used immediately with many advantages:

• a pump price at least 30% lower than diesel and petrol
• ease of driving and range equivalent to other engines
• a safe, proven technology
• reduced greenhouse gas emissions
• up to 60% reduction in NOx emissions and an almost complete absence of fine particles
• compatibility with 100% renewable methane
• models available in all mobility market segments (private cars, vans, trucks, buses and public transport, coaches)
• supply from a network or underground gas pipes or by ecological trucks
• modern, environmentally friendly service stations

For businesses or public transport companies the extra investment costs for the purchase of NGVs is quickly offset by the reduced fuel price at the pump. In compressed form (CNG) it is preferably be used for car and van fleets. In liquefied form (LNG) it allows supply to trucks for international transport thanks to a range of more than 1,000 kilometres. In both cases, the choice of Natural Gas Vehicles will reinforce the buyers' contribution to the environment and constitute a profitable short or medium-term investment.

2014 will see a further substantial expansion of the Beglian network of natural gas filling stations: 17 supply points are now open for consumers and at least 25 are planned for this year. The increase in sales of NGVs will encourage an increasing number of service station owners to invest in the fuel and its infrastructure.

NGV 2014 Brussels, the ‘5th International Show & Workshops’

88 eu news 1The great results for gas-powered mobility witnessed at the Brussels Motor Show 2014 and the very promising development of the Belgium market will be followed by NGV 2014 Brussels, the ‘5th International Show & Workshops’.

Taking place 8 – 10 July in the Belgian capital, NGVA Europe’s 2014 event will cover the entire spectrum of topics related to gas-powered mobility: Natural gas, Biomethane, CNG, LNG and Hydrogen Blends Vehicles.

For more information about the NGV event of the year please refer to the official website.

About The Belgian NGV Platform

160 legaznaturel-173x154 cutThe NGV platform was launched in 2011 by the main NGV stakeholders active in Belgium: gas transport and distribution network operators, gas suppliers, service station owners and vehicle sector federations. It is managed by ARGB, the Belgian natural gas federation that brings together the natural gas transport and distribution network operators. The NGV platform, which will become in 2014, works to develop the use of natural gas fuel (CNG and LNG) in Belgium and an ever increasing network of supply points.

Contact person: Didier Hendrickx,

Source: ARGB, NGVA Europe

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