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monday, 9. November 2015

Scientists increase capacity of NGV fuel tanks

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monday, 9. November 2015

Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europe

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friday, 14. September 2018

First Scania LNG Trucks for Argentina

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friday, 14. September 2018

Germany Reaches 50 H2 Filling Stations

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Commissioner sees Natural gas as a power source to drive European transport into the future


wednesday, 16. July 2014

120 NGV2014Brussels-logo-DraftNGV2014 Brussels, the ‘5th International Show & Workshops’ was successfully held from 8 – 10 July. Taking place in scope of the recently adopted Directive on the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (including CNG and LNG), the European NGV event of the year underlined the strong alliance between the NGV industry and European policy makers.

The NGVA Europe event hosted by ARGB/Le Gaz Naturel - the Belgian gas industry federation - and organised by NGV Communications Group officially kicked off in the early evening of 8 July with the Opening Ceremony in Brussels Kart Hall 1. The Ceremony’s keynote speech was delivered by EC Vice President and Commissioner in charge of transport Siim Kallas.

In his speech the Commissioner stressed the importance of the Alternative Fuels Directive, a “milestone” on the way to developing a transport system fit for the 21st century. With gas being “a very important element in the whole initiative”, Kallas moreover emphasised the relevance the Directive has for the growth of the European NGV market, to which he referred as “a market likely to develop into a customer base with great potential for European business and manufacturer”.

Though Commission and NGV industry were hoping for even more ambitious targets, the approved Directive certainly provides a solid basis for NG to play a major role in reaching the EU climate goals whilst creating new jobs for Europe, Kallas pointed out. “This is where industry can, and should, play a vital role - both at home and on the world stage – with investment so that Europe achieves its ambitious aims”, he said, before cutting the ribbon and officially inaugurating NGV2014 Brussels.

350 Opening 350 IMG 9707

Opening Ceremony with J. Vazquez, L. Pilskog, S. Kallas, P. Van Deven, Y. Mayeur and W. Segers (left to right)

NGVA – EU breakfast debate with Director General Aguiar Machado, the Italian EU Presidency, Member States and industry

Earlier on Tuesday, activities commenced in the morning with the EU breakfast debate themed 'The methane for transport (r)evolution - where does Europe stand?'. The exclusive meeting brought together high-ranking EU decision makers such as Director General of DG MOVE Joao Aguiar Machado, Member States and leading representatives of the NGV-related industry. Overall, participants agreed that natural gas will play a key role in a diversified energy mix fuelling Europe's transport and also conformed to the fact that an orchestrated effort involving politics and industry will be necessary in order to further push the development of Europe’s market for NGVs.

Moreover, NGV2014 Brussels’ workshops featured a series of highly specialised sessions, in which renowned experts from industry and the European Commission shared their profound knowledge with participants. In the workshop opening NGVA Europe Secretary General Lennart Pilskog and Didier Hendrickx, representing the Belgian NGV association, addressed the main industry objectives whilst setting up the scenario for future development and growth for NGVs in Belgium and Europe. “This is the time when we have to act, the journey has just started,” Pilskog emphasised, while Hendrickx shared with the audience success factors and obstacles experienced in the recent uptake of the Belgian NGV market.

Among the prominent speakers in the interactive workshops was also Magdalena Kopczynska, Director for Innovative and Sustainable Mobility in the EC's DG MOVE. Kopczynska underlined that NGVs today are not ‘science fiction’ but represent a proven and mature technology that shall be further applied in order to fulfil the EU targets in terms of reducing dependency on oil and diminishing GHG emissions.

The Commission was furthermore present in form of Liam Breslin, Head of Unit Surface Transport (DG Research and Innovation) and Valeriu Dan Dionisie, Head of Unit DG SANCO (Health & Consumers), who presented the interesting findings of a study on 'The Market for Vehicle Fuels as Experienced by Customers’. In addition, leading companies such as Volvo, Daimler, Iveco and many others presented their latest innovative solutions whilst major European fleet operators delivered first-hand experiences from the successful operation of NGVs in company fleets.

Furthermore, the exhibition inside Brussels Kart Expo - Hall 1 included key vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat, Volvo, Iveco, Audi and Mercedes Benz, prominent component manufacturers as well as key NGV stakeholders and associations. The activities of NGV2014 Brussels moreover offered participants a unique Study Tour to LNG sites located in the Port of Antwerp and the possibility to test drive numerous NGVs outside the exhibition hall. In addition, NGVA Europe also held its General Meeting during the event in the Belgian capital.

NGVA Europe highly appreciates the support received during this year’s event. Our special gratitude goes to the NGV Communications Group, the organiser of NGV2014 Brussels, ARGB/Le Gaz Naturel - the Belgian gas industry federation for hosting this year’s event and the event sponsors Volvo, CNH, Fiat, Fluxys, GNVERT and GRT Gaz. We already look forward to meet you in 2015 from 1st to 5th June in Paris at the Natural Gas for Transport Village within the 26th World Gas Conference.





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Source: NGVA Europe, European Commission

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