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Scientists increase capacity of NGV fuel tanks

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Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europe

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NGVA Global

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First Scania LNG Trucks for Argentina

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Germany Reaches 50 H2 Filling Stations

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NGVA - Zemní plyn a biometan v dopravěNgva europeNGV Global elects new officers, appoints NGVA...

NGV Global elects new officers, appoints NGVA Europe’s Secretary General as Vice Chairperson


pondělí, 2. června 2014

100 NGV-Global GlobeNGV Global, the international association for natural gas vehicles and associated technologies, held its General Assembly for NGV Global Members and a meeting of Members of the Board in Long Beach, California, as a precursor to NGV Global 2014 conference and exhibition.

During the Assembly, new officers have been elected, among them Mike Gallagher of Westport Innovations who succeeds Alicia Milner (CNGVA) as Chairperson of the association. Milner will now occupy the position of Immediate Past Chairperson.

Moreover, the Assembly appointed Andrew Dougherty, Swagelok Company, as new treasurer. The current NGV Global staff furthermore includes Executive Director Diego Goldin and Business Manager David Perry, with Alex Lawson supporting the association in technical activities.

Among the newly appointed officers is also Lennart Pilskog, Secretary General of NGVA Europe since beginning of 2014, who was unanimously elected as Vice Chairperson of NGV Global. Pilskog, an industry veteran with almost 40 Years of experience in virtually all vehicle segments of Volvo, moreover participated in the NGV Global Plenary session ‘International Market Update’ held on 7 May.

During the session, executive members of the various global NGV associations provided an overview of current NGV activity in their region, with Pilskog summing up the latest developments of the European market related to natural gas vehicles on behalf of NGVA Europe. In addition, he also took part in NGV Global 2014’s Closing Ceremonies, contributing to a fruitful discussion on how the global NGV market plans to position itself in the near term.

Referring to his election as Vice Chairman of NGV Global, Pilskog said: “It is an honour and pleasure to be elected Vice Chairman of NGV Global and I will do my best to support the success of the association. It is also a good platform for Europe to further strengthen the strategic and operative cooperation with a global perspective. Important collaborations are already being prepared.”

350 DSC02477 350 DSC02491

NGV Global 2014 ribbon-cutting ceremony with D. Goldin, 
R. Foster, A. Milner, M. Gallagher and E. Neandross

Volvo VNL truck showcased at the ACT Expo Tradeshow

Co-located with NGV Global 2014 Conferences, this year's Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo Tradeshow was filled with debuts, launches and introductions of NGV technology produced by companies from around the globe, among them numerous NGVA Europe members. One of the highlights was Clean Air Power’s presentation of its Genesis EDGE Dual-Fuel™ system on showcase vehicles, also available for test rides. Furthermore, gas cylinder specialist Luxfer announced to introduce two new gas-storage products developed in cooperation with GTM Technologies: The mobile GTM1350-Refueler for dispensing high-pressure CNG and the G-Pak system for storage and transportation of gases at pressures up to 5,000 psig.

Hexagon Lincoln, subsidiary of Hexagon Composites, publicised almost EUR 11 million worth of recent new orders for its lightweight Type IV CNG fuel cylinders. “It has always been the premise of Hexagon Composites that compressed natural gas is a great solution for transportation and storage of natural gas, and the marketplace continues to affirm this position,” said Hexagon Composites. Overall, OEMs agreed that greater awareness and education at the retail and fleet level of natural gas as an option can be noticed.

NGV Global 2014 Conference and Exhibition culminated in a Gala Dinner where NGV champions from around the world were recognised – people and organisations who by their actions and endeavours have promoted and inspired the development of a significant NGV program or activity. NGVA Europe in particular highly appreciates the fact that Dr. Aldo Bassi received the award posthumously for his lifetime achievements.

In 1966, Dr. Bassi entered the Experimental Design Centre of Alfa Romeo in Milan, where he performed many research activities in the field of electronics applied to environmentally friendly vehicles, particularly focusing in vehicles running on LPG and CNG. An internationally recognised expert, he was an active Chairman of the ISO TC22/SC25 “Road vehicles using gaseous fuels” and valued Consultant to Fiat Auto in the field of gas-fuelled vehicles (LPG and CNG, H2). Dr. Bassi has had a great merit in the development of gaseous fuels in Italy and in the drafting of specific International Standards on this fuel. He contributed to NGVA Europe’s activities as a technical expert for several years.

Source: NGVA Europe, NGV Global


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