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Germany Reaches 50 H2 Filling Stations

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NGVA - Zemní plyn a biometan v dopravěNgva europeLNG Blue Corridors: 3 new filling stations have...

LNG Blue Corridors: 3 new filling stations have been opened and much more is to come


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130 imageThe ongoing LNG Blue Corridors project has recently made substantial progress on its way to establish a sustainable transport network for Europe as the first three LNG filling stations have been opened. The supply points are located along the four corridors defined by the project partners, covering the Atlantic area, the Mediterranean region and connecting Europe’s South with the North and its West and East accordingly.

Italian energy company Eni inaugurated the first station in Piacenza (northern Italy) covering the project’s Mediterranean corridor. The facility is able to provide both LNG & CNG and will be used by logistics companies from Italy and Spain. Additional stations situated in Portugal, France and Slovenia will supplement this supply point in the coming months, thus completing this important European route.

The second station has started operating in Örebro, Sweden as part of the South-North corridor. Spanning more than 4000 km across Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal, this corridor is the longest within the Blue Corridors project and one of the most extensive routes in Europe. Local fleet operators are already using this station, which can provide both LNG and CNG with capacity to refuel up to 70 trucks.

Moreover, the first LNG & L-CNG station in Belgium has just been opened in Kallo. Located strategically in the Port of Antwerp, it will provide LNG to several heavy-duty vehicles, connecting key logistical countries within the European corridors. Dutch, British and Belgian drivers will be the main beneficiaries. This station protects the environment by injecting any boil-off gas produced into private grids, thus reducing emissions. In addition, boil-off gas can be routed into CNG storage, which has a 700 Nm3/h capacity.

350 IMG 0299 cut 350 Kallo station

First LNG station refuelling HDVs in Italy (Piacenza)

Belgium's first L-CNG station (Port of Antwerp)

Alongside these three stations, additional ones have been discussed and approved recently by the Blue Corridors partners. The locations are:

In parallel with already existing facilities, these stations will accelerate the development of a strong LNG network enabling LNG trucks to drive comfortably along European roads. To follow the progress of the LNG Blue Corridors please visit the official website

About LNG Blue Corridors

The LNG Blue Corridors project aims to improve knowledge and awareness of liquefied Natural gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel for medium and long distance road transport. NGVA Europe is actively participating in the initiative. The mission is to establish LNG as a real alternative for transport - first as a complementary fuel and later as an adequate substitute for diesel. To accomplish its objectives the project has defined a roadmap of LNG refuelling points along four corridors covering Europe. It has furthermore set the goal to build up a fleet of approximately 100 heavy duty vehicles powered by LNG.

LNG Blue Corridors unites and mobilises the critical mass of (industrial) partners and research institutes in LNG transport and infrastructure technology. The project also represents the first phase in the staged roll out of LNG refuelling stations and a broad market development for heavy duty vehicles running with liquefied natural gas. It will run for 4 years, connect over 12 Member States and will align itself with existing demonstrations running at national level.

The initiative is co-funded by the European Commission with the amount of 7.96 M€ (total investments amounting to 14.33 M€) in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), involving 27 partners from 11 countries, all members of NGVA Europe.

Source: LNG Blue Corridors, NGVA Europe

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