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UNECE agrees on priorities for increasing use of methane in European Transport


pondělí, 30. června 2014

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On 14-15 April, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) met in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting of the UNECE’s Committee on Sustainable Energy held at the Palais of Nations served as the inaugural session for the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Gas.

The group is a subsidiary body of the Committee on Sustainable Energy that provides a forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue on ways to promote the sustainable and clean production, distribution, and consumption of Natural gas in the ECE region. An exchange of experiences among ECE member States on the role of Natural gas in the global energy mix and on the relation between Natural gas and the environment are the Group's principal areas of work.

In the session, experts from the UNECE member States, gas industry and national regulatory bodies addressed the key issues and trends in the Natural gas markets in the region. Representatives of UNECE Governments, gas companies and organisations presented the 2014 developments in their countries’ gas industry operations and condition. Competitiveness of Natural gas, production and consumption trends, investment challenges and changing market structure were among the topics discussed. In addition, new developments in the European and world market of Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) were dealt with as well.

The agenda also included a roundtable discussion of the findings of a major study of the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets, recently completed by leading experts in the Natural gas industry. The study was prepared to establish a point of departure for robust discussion among government policy makers and other key stakeholders of needed policies and normative instruments, such as regulations or best practice guidance. An important conclusion of the study is that, under the right conditions, Natural gas could be an essential contributor to a sustainable future and LNG could be the gateway to a global gas market.
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Palais of Nations, Geneva

Substantively, the discussions In Geneva concentrated on developments related to LNG and highlighted opportunities and challenges that LNG faces to reach its full potential as an energy carrier. The participants agreed on four priorities for increasing the use of methane in European Transport. The conclusion from the meeting was to focus on:

  • Exploring progress and development of best practice in the handling and use of LNG,
  • Assessing the potential role of Natural gas in increasing the uptake of renewable energy,
  • Exploring the possibilities to remove barriers for the use of Natural gas in the transport sector,
  • Reducing gas leaks throughout the gas value chain.

The results are supposed to be presented at the next UNECE meeting in Geneva in January of 2015.

The UNECE and Natural gas

The Committee on Sustainable Energy is the principal intergovernmental body at the UN Economic Commission for Europe responsible for promoting international cooperation in the field of energy. The Committee provides a forum for the exchange of information, views and experiences among ECE member states on general energy issues.

Despite specifically referencing Europe, the work of the UNECE has global implications, mainly via a number of treaties to which large numbers of non-European nations are signatories. Overall, more than 50 countries rely on UN regulations.

NGVA Europe welcomes the initiative and will take an active part in the work to remove barriers for use of methane (CNG, LNG and Biomethane) in the transport sector. The Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association will continue to actively contribute to relevant UNECE activities and the various related working groups.

Source: UNECE, NGVA Europe

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