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14 LNG projects to receive TEN-T funding, including NGVA members Rolande LNG, Fluxys and Wärtsilä


úterý, 30. září 2014

As part of the funding made available by the EU’s Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Programme, a total of 14 LNG projects have been recommended to be supported financially by the European Commission. Subsidies have been allocated to 11 short-term (Annual Call) and 3 long-term (Multi-Annual) initiatives related to liquefied natural gas.

Overall the European Commission selected 106 projects in total to benefit from over €320 million in EU support for improving Europe’s transport infrastructure and reducing the transport sector’s carbon footprint.

LNG signThe 11 LNG short-term projects have been recommended for funding under Priority 2, which aims at “decarbonisation/oil substitution or environmental cost reduction”. Moreover, additional 3 long-term LNG projects were recommended under the Multi-Annual Call as part of the Motorways of the Sea Programme. The total aid allocated to the 14 LNG ventures amounts to almost €40 million. Remarkably, the number of recommended projects related to LNG has increased significantly compared to last year’s Call, when 6 LNG projects were selected.

Among the initiatives receiving support are 3 proposals handed in by NGVA Europe members, including two road-related projects. Dutch member Rolande LNG will receive subsidies in the amount of some EUR 4,000,000 for a study including pilot deployment to determine the viability of LNG as an alternative fuel for medium and long distance road transport, which includes the build-up of 5 new LNG filling stations. This further extension of the number of LNG filling stations in the Netherlands will certainly help to take away the “chicken and egg” dilemma for using LNG as fuel for trucks. Additionally, Rolande has ordered 75 new IVECO Stralis Euro 6 LNG trucks to enable the pilot deployment of LNG fuelled trucks in the Netherlands. Rolande LNG Director Peter Hendrickx says: “We are very pleased our project LNG4Haul has been selected and look forward to contributing to the breakthrough of LNG for European road transport, alongside other schemes like e.g. the LNG Blue Corridors project.”

Belgium-based company Fluxys was granted funding in the amount of EUR 520,000 for a project with the aim of greening road transport by means of deploying LNG refuelling infrastructure network. Fluxys has completed a brand new LNG filling station in Veurne, which is an important step in the launch of LNG as a sustainable alternative fuel for trucks. The company’s spokesman Laurent Remy says: “Fluxys is delighted by the decision of the European Commission to grant support to this pilot project, which has allowed our company to gain a tremendous experience in terms of engineering, technology, permitting and working out the economics of this type of infrastructure. We consider the EU funding as an encouragement to continue on our trail of further promoting both LNG and CNG as fuel for road and maritime transport”.

Furthermore, association member Wärtsilä has been granted funding of EUR 3,629,540 (half the total costs) for the long-term project “Into the future - Baltic So2lution” that supports the development of more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient shipping in the Baltic Sea region, and the build-up of an LNG infrastructure.

A compiled list of all recommended projects related to LNG is available for download at TEN-T_2013_LNG_List_upload.pdf.

The 2014 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals was published on 11 September 2014. CEF Transport is the successor of the TEN-T Programme and intends to complete the TEN-T Core Network and its Corridors by 2030.

Source: European Commission - IP/14/888,  TEN-T - Annual Programme 2013 Call results, TEN-T - Multi-Annual Programme 2013 Call results

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