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ADAC: real fuel consumption of natural gas cars near to manufacturer claims


úterý, 18. listopadu 2014

Real fuel consumption of cars running on natural gas remains closer to what manufactuers claim than any other type of fuel, a study by the ADAC, the German car users organisation, shows.

The ADAC tests hunderds of cars each year and they include a check on average consumption based on more realistic driving conditions than the mandatory standard EU-test on which the manufacturers’ figures are based.

The ADAC found that the 11 cars on natural gas (CNG) that were tested in more realistic driving conditions consumed on average 8,7% more than officially indicated. This was considerably less than diesel cars, which on average consumed 14,4% more than the official figures. Cars on LPG consumed 11,4% more, close to the average for gasoline cars, whose fuel efficiency was 10,2% lower than the official figures.

Considerably worse were the results for hybrid cars, which consumed 25,2% more, and electric cars, which consumed on average 42,3% more. The German organisation explained that their fuel test include the driving on highways which, ADAC says, is not the typical driving environment for this type of cars.
450 ADAC graph

Excess consumption according to the ADAC Eco Test
in comparison to manufacturer claims

The ADAC pointed out that the good results for CNG cars were in large part the result of the use of heat-resistant materials in engines, which help to maintain consumption stable, even under more demanding conditions like high-speed driving on highways.

Among the 11 cars on natural gas that the ADAC tested the Volkwagen Golf TGI came out as best, with real fuel consumption only 3% higher than the official figures. Least favorable was the Fiat Panda CNG, which consumed 34% more than indicated, but the ADAC pointed out that this was to a large extend due to the almost continued high demands on its small engine.

The standard EU tests are the object of much criticism by consumer groups and environmental NGOs. The European Commission has initiated a revision process to introduce testing methods that are closer to ‘real’ driving conditions. Results are not expected before 2017 at the earliest.

Source: ADAC (in German), Erdgas Mobil, NGVA Europe

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