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Adac: natural gas engine scores best in CO2 test


úterý, 22. září 2015

An engine on CNG achieved highest marks in environmental performance, in a test that compared 5 different types of fuel in one and the same car model. The natural gas engine achieved the lowest CO2 emissions of the five engines tested and also got highest marks for low emissions of pollutants.

Having on the market exactly the same car but sold with different power sources inspired the German touring organisation and automobile club ADAC (with 18 million members), to test the environmental performance of the differently powered engines under the same, ‘real-life’ conditions. The car – a Volkswagen Golf  - is not only on the market with the traditional petrol and diesel engines, but also available as a plug-in-hybrid, an all-electric car and as a TGI with an engine on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

The ADAC included the cost of fuel production in the measurements (Well-to-Wheel) and discovered that the natural gas version of the Golf had the lowest CO2 emissions with 98 gr/km, closely followed by the electric version with 101 gr/km. The diesel engine came third with 120 gr/km, the hybrid landed on the fourth place with 131 gr/km and petrol last with 148 gr/km.

All engines came close to each other on pollutant emissions, with the electric engine scoring best (no pollutants) and the engines on natural gas and petrol sharing the second place. The diesel engine came in at a close third place. The hybrid engine clearly lagged behind.

In a separate test the ADAC found out that users of natural gas cars are clearly happiest with the fuel consumption, before users of hybrid cars and LPG engines, who came second and third in the online survey of 20.000 ADAC members. The outcome of the survey mirrored the results of a recent test of environmental performances of popular models, in which the ADAC measured CO2 and pollutant emissions under realistic circumstances.

In the top ten friendliest cars for the environment, six models are natural gas cars, with as overall winner the Skoda Octavia G-tec with an average consumption of 3,7 kilogram of CNG, corresponding to a CO2 emission of 101 gr/km. According to the German energy mix, 20% biomethane are not taken into account and should be discounted.

Drivers of natural gas cars are not only satisfied with their car’s fuel consumption, they also appreciate the image their cars have as eco-friendly, the ADAC found out.
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