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Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europe

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First Scania LNG Trucks for Argentina

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Germany Reaches 50 H2 Filling Stations

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NGVA - Zemní plyn a biometan v dopravěNgva europe2012, another year of fruitful activity and...

2012, another year of fruitful activity and important milestones for the NGV related industry


středa, 19. prosince 2012

NGVA Europe, the European Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association, is looking back at a very exciting and successful year 2012, now representing more than 155 members from 40 different countries. The Board of Directors has also increased significantly, with the approval of three new BoD members at the last General Meeting, held in Bologna: GNVert, Westport and Swagelok. Recent requests to take seat on the Association’s governing body include our members Raufoss Hexagon and Holding Energie Italiane. These petitions are expected to be approved during the upcoming General Meeting, held in combination with our annual event NGV 2013 Gothenburg in Sweden next 11 June 2013. The NGVA Europe BoD would then count 17 major companies, coming from all industry sectors (gas & biomethane producers, OEMs, components manufacturers). Our dynamic growth in members does not only underpin the strong industry commitment, but is also sending a clear signal to decision makers at political level to develop the CNG & LNG vehicle and fuel market (fossil and renewable) for all types of vehicles and modes of transport (road, waterborne, rail, air).

There have also been several political changes and new opportunities for NGVs. The Energy Taxation Directive for instance, debated first under the Danish and later by the Cyprian Presidency, provoked great concerns among the NGV community. In close contact and cooperation with the political institutions and Member States, NGVA Europe provided a clear position as well as reasonable statements and suggestions for consideration on the matter. The discussions in the European Commission and the plenary vote earlier this year had a consultative role (see our press release) and the debate will continue under the Irish presidency. Another important topic high up on the political agenda is the upcoming Euro VI standard, also having direct impact on NGVs regarding the homologative treatment of methanic and non-methanic hydrocarbon emissions. The overall impact of EUR VI will in any case favour the development of NGVs in terms of better competitiveness as far as purchase costs for vehicles are concerned.

NGVA Europe is now a member of the working group on Transport & Mobility, part of the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform. The Platform has been set up on behalf of the European Commission (DG Energy) as part of the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative to "filter and make accessible information on potential technologies to enable cities and local governments to find and finance suitable technological solutions".

For the first time ever the European Commission has proposed legislative measure to address the so-called Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) when evaluating biofuels. According to the new proposal, the use of food-based biofuels to meet the 10% renewable energy target of the Renewable Energy Directive would be limited to 5%. NGVA Europe clearly supports this initiative as it represents a clear and positive signal to introduce more natural gas vehicles, using a blend of natural gas and biomethane injected into the gas grid, natural gas/hydrogen mixtures, as well as synthetic methane/power-to-gas.

The European Commission is furthermore supporting the use of gas in vehicles more strongly through different European programmes and projects. The infrastructure development was addressed last month during the TEN-T days, which NGVA Europe supported by presenting several LNG & CNG vehicles and refuelling equipment at its booth, which it shared with its members HAM and Gas Natural Fenosa. Both companies are among this year´s TEN-T call winners with the GARnet project (see our press release). The Commission will furthermore release the Clean Power for Transport Package in early 2013, which will include a Communication on an Alternative Fuel Strategy and a legislative proposal on Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Development.

Regarding European Projects, NGVA Europe currently participates in two projects supported by the Intelligent Energy and FP7 funds: GreenGasGrids, and BioWALK4Biofuels. The GasHighWay project ended in March 2012 and NGVA Europe successfully organised the final seminar in Brussels with more than 120 participants and high representation from both policy and industry side. All three initiatives promote the use of CNG and biomethane as a vehicle fuel, the development of infrastructure and the production of the second generation biofuel like biomethane production from algae. Participation in these projects will be extended during the next years, accompanied by the recently presented LNG Blue Corridors project, which was submitted to the European Commission last September. Once approved, it will count 29 different partners from 12 European countries participating, all of them members of NGVA Europe.

On the technical side, a field of activity NGVA Europe has been developing increasingly since 2010, the association has kept up and further intensified its engagement during the last year. At present, the heavy involvement at different international levels, where the association represents its members’ voices in key-bodies such as the European Commission, UNECE or CEN, have reinforced the collaboration in technical bodies with other well-recognized European NGOs like the ACEA.

Hot topics currently discussed include the development of a NG/biomethane market fuel specification, the inclusion of Dual-Fuel technology in vehicle and engine Type Approval framework as well as the widening of the safety requirements for NG vehicle systems so as to also cover LNG components/fuelling systems. In addition, it is important to stress the vital role of the members’ collaboration in all these open discussions and to highlight the possibility that NGVA Europe offers them via the participation in the association's Technical Committee, the internal decision making body for all technical matters. Our members can find all technical reports plus related material like Cases Studies, Presentations, Positions Papers and other material produced by the Association in the members area on our website.

The association’s activities to promote the use of CNG & LNG have been reinforced with the organisation of our yearly event. This year’s NGV 2012 Bologna proved to be a very successful fair & workshops. Moreover, in 2012 this annual event was accompanied by our first specific workshop LNG4Trucks&Ships, celebrated past September in Amsterdam, which focused on the following topics: LNG/liquefied biomethane use in heavy duty trucks (dedicated & dual fuel), LNG vessels, storage & bunkering of LNG, the L-CNG refuelling station concept as well as transportation and distribution of LNG across Europe, a topic that is becoming increasingly interesting as a solution for long-distance transport. Both events will be organised again in 2013. NGV 2013 Gothenburg will take place next year 11 - 13 June in Sweden and will be supported by Volvo as the main sponsor and the Swedish Gas Association acting as the event’s host.

Furthermore, our newsletter “NGVA Europe Keeps You Informed” is now being issued every two weeks, reaching more than 6.500 interested readers from the sector. It is encouraging to see that it is becoming an increasingly appreciated publication when it comes to communicating relevant business and commercial NG messages.

The NGVA Europe team is looking forward to face 2013 as a very fruitful year and wishes all readers a very happy Christmas break.

Source: NGVA Europe

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