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Meeting with President Putin marks NGV breakthrough in Russia


středa, 19. června 2013

On May 14 2013, President Putin of Russia has held a meeting with the Cabinet members and top managers of oil & gas companies to discuss the implementation of Russian Government decision to massively introduce CNG and LNG into the national transportation sector. At the meeting that was held in Sochi, Gazprom Chairman of the Board Victor Zubkov assured that it is realistic to switch to gaseous fuels by 2030 half of public transport and communal automobiles, 30% of trucks and 20% of agricultural vehicles. This will bring yearly fuel cost saving of $1,6US billion in the public transportation segment, $1,6US billion in trucking segment, and $ 200US million in agriculture. Natural gas consumption will grow 5% per year.

Russian Ministry of transportation proposed to extend the program for federal and municipal procurement of gas powered on-road vehicles. Last year only 640 such vehicles were paid bought by budget organizations. Ministry of energy proposes to the Russian regional governments to partially or completely suspend transportation tax for gas vehicles; to lower or even totally call off import duties for components to produce gas vehicles and gas fueling equipment; to offer comprehensive support to the use of gas for farming vehicles. According to the Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak, to start the program working it is necessary within the next three years to commit $13,3US billion.

Gazprom has already developed the program for building natural gas filling stations. $33US million are already committed for this purpose in 2013FY. Rosneft also intends to invest $33US billion to integrate gaseous fuels into 1000 of its filling stations. Rosneft has also signed the agreement with the ‘Russian Machines’ - a consortium that manufactures a cars, buses, trucks and special purpose vehicles.

Communal CNG vehicles for Russian cities

President of Russia Vladimir Putin


Natural gas use as a motor fuel is one of the promising ways of the petroleum industry development in Russia. Being the leader of the domestic NGV fuel market, Gazprom is actively promoting natural gas vehicles in Russia. The Company cooperates with suppliers of gas filling equipment, state and municipal administration bodies, economic and scientific centers, international organizations and foreign partners as well as creates new infrastructure facilities throughout the country.

At present, the Russian NGV fleet amounts to some 86 thousand units. The CNG demand accounted for 345 million cubic meters in 2010. 255 CNG filling stations are operating in 60 regions of the Russian Federation, 206 of which are owned by Gazprom. The highest CNG consumption level in the country is observed in the Stavropol and Krasnodar Krais, the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Rostov Oblasts, Kabardino-Balkaria and South Ossetia.

Source: Gazprom

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