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pondělí, 9. listopadu 2015

Scientists increase capacity of NGV fuel tanks

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pondělí, 9. listopadu 2015

Audi and two French distributors of natural gas new members of NGVA Europe

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NGVA Global

pátek, 16. dubna 2021

Galileo Expands US Presence

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pondělí, 15. března 2021

GRDF Study Concludes HYGEN CNG Fueling System is Fleet Compatible

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NGVA Europe


EU funding available to fight pollution caused by ships – opportunities for LNG

pondělí, 15. dubna 2013

The European Commission recently proposed two separate initiatives, which include funding possibilities intended to help finance projects combating pollution caused by ships. Though not explicitly mentioning liquefied natural gas (LNG), both initiatives are perfectly designed for LNG-related projects to benefit from the provided financial aids. Commission proposes renewed resources to counter...více » 


New brands and flagship models mark their NGV market entry at the Geneva Motor Show

středa, 27. března 2013

The 83rd International Motor Show, held 7-17 in March in Geneva, Switzerland, underlined carmakers are increasingly relying on natural gas and biogas drives. Between late 2012 and 2013, four new brands added cars powered by gas/biogas to their portfolio: Audi, Fiat, Seat and Skoda. Moreover, leading car manufacturers are now offering CNG versions for their flagship models, such as Volkswagen...více » 


The NGV related industry grieves for Peter Boisen, NGVA Europe founder and Honorary Chairman

čtvrtek, 14. března 2013

We regret to inform that our Honorary Chairman and founder of NGVA Europe, Peter Boisen, passed away last week's Monday. He was suffering from a severe illness since 2011, but nevertheless contributed and has been deeply involved in our work and activities until the very end. When NGVA Europe was founded in 2008, Peter was Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2009, since then he had a...více » 


DG Move visits Madrid to present CPT package to Spanish Ministry and industry

čtvrtek, 14. března 2013

     On March 6th, European Commission representatives visited Madrid, Spain, to present the recently introduced Clean Power for Transport (CPT) package. The roundtable event was an initiative of the EC Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG Move), organised by NGVA Europe and supported by Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF). Held at the headquarters of NGVA Europe BoD...více » 


Clean Air Power requests to take seat on the NGVA Europe Board of Directors

středa, 27. února 2013

NGVA Europe proudly announces that an additional member, Clean Air Power, has applied for seat on the association’s Board of Directors. In order to join NGVA Europe’s governing body the request will have to be officially confirmed by the next annual General Meeting, which will take place during NGV 2013 Gothenburg in Sweden, this year’s June.Founded in 1991, UK’s Clean Air Power (CAP) has...více » 


NGVA Europe announces NGV 2013 Gothenburg, the 4th International Show & Workshops, to be held next 11 - 13 June in Sweden

středa, 13. února 2013

From 11 to 13 June 2013, NGVA Europe will hold the ‘4th NGVA Europe International Show & Workshops’ in Gothenburg, Sweden. This NGVA Europe event will be hosted by Energigas Sverige (The Swedish Gas Association), gold sponsored by Volvo and is organised by NGV Communications Group. After the success enjoyed by the valuable NGV2011 Berlin and NGV2012 Bologna events & workshops, it is now...více » 


Commission proposes max. distances between NG filling stations EU-wide: 150 km for CNG & 400 km for LNG

úterý, 29. ledna 2013

The European Commission last week (January 24, 2013) published the Clean Power for Transport (CPT) package, which includes a policy paper on an alternative fuels strategy and the proposal for a Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure aiming at developing harmonised standards and setting clear targets for the infrastructure rollout of consolidated alternative fuels,...více » 


Euro VI: further emission reduction for heavy-duty vehicles

úterý, 29. ledna 2013

Thanks to new European legislation (called the Euro VI norm), effective from 31 December 2012 for new homologations, nitrogen oxides and particulates emitted from new types of trucks and buses will be lowered. It means a reduction of 80% in emissions of nitrogen oxides and 70% in particulate matters. In addition to the health and environment, the new legislation will also have a positive impact...více » 


European project GasHighWay comes to an end and proves to be huge success

úterý, 15. ledna 2013

After three years of productive work the European project GasHighWay came to an end last year. Supported by the European Commission under the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme, the project aimed at promoting the uptake of gaseous vehicle fuels, namely biomethane & CNG, and placed special emphasis on the realisation of a comprehensive network of refuelling stations for these fuels,...více » 


New statistical update: NGV market continues to grow despite economic crisis

středa, 19. prosince 2012

NGVA Europe has just released its latest statistical update for the European and worldwide markets, reflecting data as per mid 2012. Several corrections have been applied to previously published figures on some of the ‘big countries’ like Italy, making the total EU NGV running park fall back to the numbers published one year before. This being said, if we consider these changes also applicable to...více » 

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